Hi! I’m Jeff, a self proclaimed Audio Wizard.
I create music, sound effects, and everything else under the sonic sun.

My full name is Jeffrey Brice and I'm known across the internet as Pumodi. I am a lover of audio in all its forms. I compose music and design sound effects for Video Games and Films. I also teach recording engineering in addition to running my own studio. As an engineer, I enjoy working with bands of all kinds but have a special penchant for rock, metal, punk, and ska. I am also an audio editor working on podcasts and dialogue editing. It's my goal to make any game or film inherently more immersive through audio. Whether it be a simple ambient loop to define the game world or a complex orchestral score to enhance an epic battle, I will take on any challenge in creating sound assets in order to make something brilliant!

In my spare time I play on a Curling team (I throw 2nd and 3rd), am an avid Magic: The Gathering fan, and love cooking for my wife! I also have two dogs: a German Shephard/Pit Bull mix named Bella and Smooth Fox Terrier named Cooper.

If you'd like to get in touch, reach out using one of the methods below!

Here are some of the wonderful people I've had the pleasure of working with!